Project 2020

2019 was… well… complicated. Financial setbacks, overwhelmingly busy schedule – and then the year ended with a major health challenge. I am now refocusing and rolling up my sleeves to accomplish what I was not able to do in 2019 (well truthfully. the last 4 years). I’m calling this effort PROJECT 2020.

Project 2020 will not be an album or even an EP. Project 2020 is all about my renewed commitment to finally release new music and create videos for you to enjoy. God willing I will be releasing a new song (or two) as singles approximately every 4 – 6 weeks all throughout the year.

Project 2020 is also about my asking you for help in achieving this.I am blessed to have first rate recording equipment and have the ability to perform the songs (all or mostly) by myself. I don’t have to pay for studio time but there are many other expenses associated with the releasing of music independantly.

Every song after it is completed by me must be turned into a “Master”by a special facility in order for the final product to sound it’s best and meet the standards for commercially released music. Every song also incurs digital distribution costs so it will be available on iTunes, Spotify, etc, and there are also administrative costs such as copyright fees and promotion costs.

So if you’ve enjoyed what I’ve done in the past and would like to be a part of Project 2020, I’d like to ask you to:

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