New Project: “In God We Trust”

Just a quick post to announce that there is a new song targeted to be released the second or third week of July. This song is very relevant and timely, it’s called “In God We Trust“. The song was originally written in the 90’s during my last “FUNKY PERIOD” lol! It was regularly part of my set when I did shows with my band. It was never recorded until now. Perhaps there is some divine planning at play because the song is clearly for NOW.

Many things are offered as a cure for that which plagues us personally and as a nation these days, but there is a sure cure that sadly gets overlooked. We need Jesus!! Less protest, less anger, less politics, less media commentary – MORE JESUS!

I can’t wait to share this song with you and the world. As always I’d like to extend an opportunity for you to partner with me to release it. I’m blessed to be able to write, produce and engineer my own music but there is still the cost of mastering and distribution. Your support is always very much appreciated. Here’s how to support:

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