New Meme – pushback on the pushback

In God We Trust!

I’ve gotten flack from the cover art for “In God We Trust”. In case you don’t know, its not at all a political song though the picture is intentionally and unashamedly a riff on Donald Trump’s famous (infamous?) photo in front of St John’s church in Washington DC.

It struck me not so much as a political stunt, but first of all a personal statement by a man who has been such a friend to Christianity and who professes to be a Christian himself. What he did wasn’t necessary but it seemed very important to him. Second, like most people I found myself so caught up in my perception of the protests, riots and anarchy but when he held up the Bible it ceased to be about him – or anyone else. It struck me as a call to pray and live out the Word of God in response to these times we are in. A call to believers in Jesus to return to doing what believers do. Let he who stands for an ideology or political persuasion think and do as he sees fit, but to borrow from what John wrote in Revelation “let he who has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying” through this event.

The push back I typically get is that Donald Trump is not a man who God can use. (Though its public knowledge that he has done much for American Christians and Israel). Those who say this cite his behavior and conversation. Well some of you reading this – even though you are in ministry or are a faithful church goer I’d say that of some of you because of YOUR behavior and conversation (I reference the social media pages of some of you as proof!). If you believe that God can use you, and have read that God used a harlot, a talking donkey, a corrupt tax collector, a zealot (anarchist) then He certainly can use Donald Trump. Are you eligible to cast the first stone at him – or anyone else? Do you know that it’s not by might or power but by His Spirit says the Lord (Zechariah 4:6)… the point is God uses people because He is God, not because any of us are so wonderful. The only common traits among those He uses are belief and willingness.

So… I was thinking how I would love to see a “movement” where people will post on social media photos of themselves in front of churches holding up their Bibles! Maybe we can get it to trend using the hashtag #ShowThemYourBible. This will be a great statement signifying a desire to see God turn this nation around. It also will show a willingness to do what believers do! I hope you are so inspired,

Here is the meme – Share everywhere!