More New Music Coming Soon!

Always something… I won’t bore you with the details of my life right now but know that I am once again hard at work on Project 2020, my ongoing effort to finally finish uncompleted music projects by the year’s end. As you may know, I deviated from the project by recording and releasing “In God We Trust” – which was not originally slated to be a part of Project 2020. It IS an old song from the days of the George Hillman Band, but I never recorded it – or even thought to until current events in our nation brought it to mind and compelled me.

Another recent good thing was that a few of you sent a financial gift which went not only towards the fund to release new music, but allowed me to make a few minor but critical studio upgrades. What a blessing! I’ll take this opportunity to again say thank you!

So rather than making blog posts I need to get back to work in the studio. I’m right at the end of mixing a song called “Change” which I hope to release mid October. There is also another song called “Lately” which may precede it – or follow right after – I haven’t decided yet. Another song titled “God Said” is also a possibility for next release. This one is a favorite of mine, if I’m allowed to have a favorite among my own songs. It’s about creation which is why I’m a little hesitant. With all that’s going on right now in this election year it feels like a topic that isn’t too much on anyone’s mind. perhaps that’s the reason I SHOULD release it now. Maybe I’ll put all these songs here on the website and ask your help in deciding… we’ll see… stay tuned!