How to Help George in 2020

I am thankful for all the emails and comments  I’ve gotten about my music – thank you, but would you consider going a step or two further? Just a little effort on your part will help my music to reach more people. Below are a few ways you can help.


If you purchase (or have purchased) my music from Amazon, iTunes or any other online retailer, please take a few extra seconds to add your review or rating.


If you listen to Spotify, Google Play, or any streaming services that have included my music, please add it to your playlists. Most of these services allow you to rate songs as well.


Currently the Sing to the Lord lyric video (and instructional video) is posted on YouTube and GodTube. Please comment, like and share!

Social Media:

Please share videos from the YouTube channel, posts from this website, FaceBook posts, Twitter Tweets  from your own accounts on these sites – and any others you may frequent.

Also post links and music to any groups or communities you are a part of within these Social Media sites.

Funding Upcoming Music and Videos:

Please consider becoming a financial partner or contributor. YOU CAN GIVE ANY AMOUNT – AND MAKE A ONE TIME CONTRIBUTION OR GIVE REGULARLY

Find out more here:

Here’s a partial list of links to share:


Twitter: (@geohillmanmusic)

YouTube: Sing To The Lord Lyric Video Instructional Video



Google Play: