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New Project: “In God We Trust”

Just a quick post to announce that there is a new song targeted to be released the second or third week of July. This song is very relevant and timely, it's called "In God We Trust". The song was originally written in the 90's during my last "FUNKY PERIOD" lol! It was regularly part of..

What is “Mastering”?

Well if you do woodworking you finish a project by painting or staining...If you write a book or article you (do well to) have it proofread and edited before publishing it. Videos and photographs are color corrected. Cakes get icing, Ladies get lipstick, shoes get polish. Mastering is typically (best) done by an objective audio..

Available Now!

A heartfelt thanks to all my crowdfunding partners. "All I need is You" and "Living Ain't Life" are now released and available on most music streaming and download platforms. These are the first songs released from Project 2020. There are more to come in March. Find out how you can support this project.

Project 2020

2019 was... well... complicated. Financial setbacks, overwhelmingly busy schedule - and then the year ended with a major health challenge. I am now refocusing and rolling up my sleeves to accomplish what I was not able to do in 2019 (well truthfully. the last 4 years). I'm calling this effort PROJECT 2020. Project 2020 will..