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Whats going on right now…

Project 2020

2019 was... well... complicated. Financial setbacks, overwhelmingly busy schedule - and then the year ended with a major health challenge. I am now refocusing and rolling up my sleeves to accomplish what I was not able to do in 2019 (well truthfully. the last 4 years). I'm calling this effort PROJECT 2020. Project 2020 will..

On the Radio Again!

Was honored to be a guest on Hamilton Square Baptist Church's Try God First broadcast on Sunday! Got to share a few songs and talk about Jesus with new friends... — with Pastor George Hillman, Tamara R Jackson Lcsw, RevDr Gregory McMillan and John Accunzo.

It’s been a long time coming…

Yes, running through my head as I write this is the old Winan's song Long Time Coming (which for some time has been on my list of songs to cover). It was 1994 when I last felt joy composing and recording music. The CD I made back then called “Walls of Freedom” was a raging..