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Spoiler Alert: Regardless, He is Risen…

No sermons for me to deliver, no special music to be sung at church services, no big family dinner... no hiding that I feel blue about this. Rising like the dawn however is the joyful hope brought on by keeping the mind stayed on the one thing no person, disease, affliction or circumstance can take..

New Meme – pushback on the pushback

I've gotten flack from the cover art for "In God We Trust". In case you don't know, its not at all a political song though the picture is intentionally and unashamedly a riff on Donald Trump's famous (infamous?) photo in front of St John's church in Washington DC. It struck me not so much as..

World Gone Mad's not that I have had no music news to report, its that I haven't been posting lately due to personal health challenges and more recently because the entire earth exploded into some unrecognizable alien planet in the midst of a civil war. No exaggeration - have you seen the news these last few months..

How to Help George in 2020

I am thankful for all the emails and comments  I've gotten about my music - thank you, but would you consider going a step or two further? Just a little effort on your part will help my music to reach more people. Below are a few ways you can help. Reviews: If you purchase (or..