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New Meme – pushback on the pushback

I've gotten flack from the cover art for "In God We Trust". In case you don't know, its not at all a political song though the picture is intentionally and unashamedly a riff on Donald Trump's famous (infamous?) photo in front of St John's church in Washington DC. It struck me not so much as..

World Gone Mad's not that I have had no music news to report, its that I haven't been posting lately due to personal health challenges and more recently because the entire earth exploded into some unrecognizable alien planet in the midst of a civil war. No exaggeration - have you seen the news these last few months..

How to Help George in 2020

I am thankful for all the emails and comments  I've gotten about my music - thank you, but would you consider going a step or two further? Just a little effort on your part will help my music to reach more people. Below are a few ways you can help. Reviews: If you purchase (or..