George grew up in a very musical home, his mother was a gifted opera singer and his dad played jazz piano and upright bass. At age 24, George’s musical aspirations and life was permanently altered through several events that led to his “becoming a Christian on purpose”. Jesus introduced Himself to George! Almost immediately he became involved in ministry. Over time the Lord refined George as he served in various churches and ministries as a worship leader/musician, youth leader, counselor, and evangelist.

In 1988 God brought about an opportunity for George to build and run a world-class recording studio for a local church. There he recorded and produced many local, national and a few world-renowned Christian artists and ministries. In 1993 George ventured out himself as a Christian singer / songwriter. He recorded a CD called “Walls of Freedom” comprised primarily of songs George used to lead worship with the youth group he ministered to at the time. The opportunity then opened for him to tour the East Coast sharing the stage with several well-known Christian artists of that time.

“Christian” ought not be a categorization of what you do, but a statement of who you are…and IF said to be Christian, it should only mean that your entire being is found to be patterned in the image of Christ

George Hillman

Late in 1994 the call to a different ministry became apparent. George began attending a church where though he ministered with their worship team – even recorded with them in their studio, but he was absolutely enamored with – and heavily influenced by the verse by verse through the bible teaching there. This ultimately led to him being sent out and ordained to become the pastor of a small congregation in Montclair New Jersey (now in Bloomfield NJ

George still takes his congregation through the Bible verse by verse but music has never ceased to be a part of his life and ministry. This web site is a container for the things he has recorded over the years. Currently George is committed to recording and releasing singles independently online. Stay tuned – new music and videos are ALWAYS on the way!