God Said – New Song Now Available

"God Said" has released! The song has been described as a 4 minute musical Creation Science lecture :-) I would call it Origins for Dummies… A non-techie, basic Bible response to how and why we exist. I've sat through more than my share of those lectures - how I wished they would've presented it like..

In God We Trust – Radio Edit Version

Despite this probably being the worst time of year to release a (non-Christmas genre) song, many have asked for an edited version for "listenability" reasons - but I also feel it's a great excuse to recirculate this song during this post election / pre inauguration period. Those of us who believe need every reminder to..


If you want to know how I'm doing, this song is my answer... 1 Corinthians 10:13! Please support by listening, liking, commenting and most of all sharing this with others on your social media pages and groups! This song and other music by George Hillman is available most places music is sold or streamed online..

More New Music Coming Soon!

Always something... I won't bore you with the details of my life right now but know that I am once again hard at work on Project 2020, my ongoing effort to finally finish uncompleted music projects by the year's end. As you may know, I deviated from the project by recording and releasing "In God..

New Meme – pushback on the pushback

I've gotten flack from the cover art for "In God We Trust". In case you don't know, its not at all a political song though the picture is intentionally and unashamedly a riff on Donald Trump's famous (infamous?) photo in front of St John's church in Washington DC. It struck me not so much as..