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Also available through these popular music streaming / retail sites

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There is now a Sing To The Lord chord chart (for guitar) available for you to download!

I do ask that you consider a donation. Please know that my heart is to see my music used to facilitate worship in the church or any other situation where a thirsty soul needs to draw near to God, but often even the things we do for love and ministry have associated expenses. You, my fellow musicians know first-hand that recording/marketing songs ain’t cheap – even when done cheaply!  I’m not expecting to get rich here but every little bit helps me to keep doing what I do. So having shared that, I pray you’ll consider making a donation of any size – big or small. Unfortunately these donations are not tax-deductable, but I’ve added a special “thank you” gift to the download. Blessings!

(or click here if you are unable to make a donation but would like the chart anyway)


George Hillman on ReverbNation
Check out songs from George’s 1994 release “Walls of Freedom” on ReverbNation
There are plans to remaster them and re-release the album in the coming months… meanwhile, enjoy!

George Hillman on Noisetrade
George Hillman on NOISETRADE:

Your Help Please!!

I am thankful for all the comments, likes and views, but would you consider going a step or two further? Just a little effort on your part will help my music to reach more people. Below are a few ways you can help.


If you purchase (or have purchased) my music from Amazon, iTunes or any other online retailer, please take a few extra seconds to add your review or rating.


If you listen to Spotify, Rdio, Google PlayRhapsody or any streaming stations (Pandora still pending) that have included my music, please add it to your playlists. Most of these services allow you to rate songs as well.


Currently the Sing to the Lord lyric video (and instructional video) is posted on YouTube and GodTube. Please comment, like and share!

Social Media:

Please share videos from the YouTube channel, posts from this website, FaceBook posts, Twitter Tweets and Google Plus posts from your own accounts on these sites – and any others you may frequent.

Also post links and music to any groups or communities you are a part of within these Social Media sites.

Real Life:

Mention the music to your worship leader, pastor and others in your church!

Know that I am available for outreaches, concerts, worship services – even home concerts (you guarantee at least 25 people I’ll come to your home)!


Here’s a list of links to share:


Twitter:  (@geohillmanmusic)


YouTube: Sing To The Lord Lyric Video Instructional Video




Google Play:



Music is one of the means through which I obey Matthew 28:18-20. Co-laboring is a way you can accomplish this too! Once again, thank you for your patronage, support, likes, comments and views!

Ministry Friends:

These are some of the Organizations and ministries that have been a blessing to the music ministry of George Hillman:


CrossTalk Radio – The radio ministry of Calvary Central in Phoenix AZ. Great teaching, all indie music (Christian worship mainly).

Worship Culture Radio – Rockin’ George’s music all the way over in Nigeria!!

Judah Nation Radio – A great indie station that has more musical diversity than most. Click here to request George’s music.

Look Up Radio – Their motto is “We play everything under the SON” – including George Hillman’s music!

CHRISTIAN ORIGINALS Internet Radio – They call themselves a promo station, they play new music from various artists including indies.

ElijahStreams iRadio – I’m addicted to this station! They play a mix of mainstream and indie artists, but they have a great ear for that which minsters.

Nia Radio Network – Mostly indie Gospel artists, but somehow George slipped into the playlist 😉 If you log in you can request songs (like George Hillman’s) among other cool things.

108PraiseRadio – Gospel internet radio done very well in my opinion! They also graciously add indies.

Social Media:

Chapel Flock / Spirit Walker Ministries – Claudia Avery has graciously featured the Sing To The Lord video on her G+, FaceBook and twitter accounts.