New Beginning #92

It’s been a long 6 months since my last entry here. 6 months ago I was so happy that I was finally seeing the fruit of my musical labor. It had been years since I did anything creative and out of all the new beginnings my music career has had this one was looking good. After a very encouraging first release of Sing To The Lord all heck broke loose (and a little HELL as well). The church had it’s lease yanked out from under us by our very uncaring Reformed Church landlords. We had to move – not just […]


Lookit meeee… I’m on the raydee-oh!!

Sing To The Lord, released in April has reached some amazing places – including an online radio station in Nigeria! There are several stations that have played the song I’m told though it’s difficult to track and confirm. I decided to create a page dedicated to the radio stations and other media outlets that have supported my music. The stations currently listed are playing the song in medium to heavy rotation! Praise the Lord (for His mighty deeds…)! It’s an awesome thing that someone would be moved to support the music ministry, so this is my small way of saying […]


Would you like to sing “Sing To The Lord” in your church?

…here are two resources for you! I made a chord chart for guitar available:


Sing to the Lord Released!

For immediate release: Singer, songwriter, pastor, worship leader George Hillman released a new worship single April 1st titled Sing to the Lord”.

George is known for his unique style of CCM and his contemporary interpretations of popular Worship music. His last formal release was a well received, yet ill-fated CD titled Walls of Freedom (1994). Since then George has been serving the Lord as a Calvary Chapel pastor and worship leader. This fresh new worship song wholly reflects George’s ability to merge meaningful, scriptural lyrics with widely appealing music. The song, born out of… [read more]


It’s been a long time coming…

Yes, running through my head as I write this is the old Winan’s song Long Time Coming (which for some time has been on my list of songs to cover).

It was 1994 when I last felt joy composing and recording music. The CD I made back then called “Walls of Freedom” was a raging spiritual inferno burining in me that ended up being doused, leaving me but a smoking flax. Perhaps it… [read more]