Lookit meeee… I’m on the raydee-oh!!

Sing To The Lord, released in April has reached some amazing places – including an online radio station in Nigeria! There are several stations that have played the song I’m told though it’s difficult to track and confirm.

I decided to create a page dedicated to the radio stations and other media outlets that have supported my music. The stations currently listed are playing the song in medium to heavy rotation! Praise the Lord (for His mighty deeds…)! It’s an awesome thing that someone would be moved to support the music ministry, so this is my small way of saying thanks.

Also to be featured are websites and social media sites that have supported the release. Not a big list, but as I’m able to confirm sites and stations I’ll add them.

If you’ve helped in some awesome way I’d love to add you to the page! If you’d LIKE to help in an awesome way, view this page to see just how.



Would you like to sing “Sing To The Lord” in your church?

…here are two resources for you!

I made a chord chart for guitar available: (more…)