So what’s taking so long for new music releases?

Life. Well that’s the short answer…


‘Tis The Season Again!

My Gospel / Blues holiday offering! The traditional Christmas song “O HOLY NIGHT” arranged in a non-traditional way! George says “Modern Christmas songs are too often bereft of true spirituality but THIS classic hymn lovingly captures the essence of Christmas – a celebration of hope, joy and salvation coming to this sinful world in the form of a person. Weary souls rejoice! The chains of spiritual bondage fall to the ground! O Night Divine!”   Download from Amazon iTunes or wherever music is streamed or purchased online


New Music From George Hillman – “Greatest of These” Single Released!

  New single “Greatest of These” has officially released!   Preview and purchase it here: or through iTunes, Amazon or where ever else music is sold online. And please leave a comment or review when you do!


How to Help the Ministry

…there are so many social media sites, blogs and websites out there, but many are like walled gardens. There is a way however that people are getting past those walls and rising to the forefront of all the chatter. They are successfully getting their songs (or products, or services even) before the people that will be blessed by them. That’s where you come in…would you consider going…


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